Shopping for good is new style of shopping that now is popular. This idea came to facilitate you:

  1. to shop your moslem products and necessities,
  2. to give others in need, happiness.

From that idea and our passion to lift orphan’s burden..

For you who deserve new good charitable shopping online,

We proudly dedicate to you all, Suq us Sunnah.

Suq us Sunnah is a multinational online moslem shop, which sells selected products. We let you to shop charitable products, which the profits from the sale of each product will be allocated to help orphan and the poor.

Suq us Sunnah works for us-Sunnah Foundation and dedicated to alleviate poverty through indirect and long-term solutions. Every time you buy one product from us, you will automatically donate some of your money for helping orphan and the poor. Don’t wait to do good deeds, make a purchase that combines shopping and good feeling of charitable giving with us at Orphan.Shop!

Happy shopping and giving help to hundreds of orphans!